How to prepare your CV

Why do we prepare Curriculum Vitae? There are different reasons but the main reason is to sell

yourself. In today’s life we have a lot of unemployed and available people, but what makes your CV stand out from all the rest.

Your CV must read easily and capture the reader’s interest. Chose a font that reads easily.

The 1st Page of your CV must contain all your personal information.

  • Add all your Birth Names, First Name and Surname.
  • Your ID,
  • Your residential and postal address.
  • If you have a driver’s license and when it expires (you can add your first issue date as-well).
  • Add your Citizenship
  • Your Race and Gender.
  • Your Marital Status and how many dependents you have.
  • You can also indicate what region you are willing to work at.
  • Add the date you last updated your CV.
  • Please indicate if you have a disability and how it affects you.

The 2nd Page of your CV must contain your Education.


  • Please state the school name,
  • Your grade passed, year you passed your last grade and your subjects.


  • The same with your Tertiary Qualifications,
  • Stipulate the institution,
  • Add your Field of study,
  • Your subjects and year completed.


  • Remember to even add your in house training.
  • The company you received your training from
  • The courses you completed
  • The Year you completed it.
  • Expiry date if any.


  • Also include your Computer literacy.
  • The programs you can work on i.e.
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet and Outlook etc.

The 3rd page is your Employment History, this is very important.


Your Employment section shows the reader what you can and cannot do.

You need to add all your work history, even temporary work of a day (Piece jobs).


  • Stipulate the Company you worked for,
  • Add your dates the Month and Year date that you started working and the Month and Year date that you ended with the company. (Not just the total duration like 5 Months).
  • Stipulate you position and
  • Most important stipulate what you have done every day, Your Duties. Don’t think that the reader will know what you do. Most of the time the HR or Consultants will compare your CV   with the Job Specification they received. If they don’t find a comparison they will go to the next CV.
  • Lastly add your Reason for Leaving. (Contract Ended, Resigned, Terminated or Retrenched – with a short explanation to why)

Your Last page must contain your References


You need to add at least 2 References on your CV.

Ask the persons you’ve chosen if they are willing to be your references. If you do not add a reference

you give permission to phone anyone. If you stipulate your references they will not be allowed to

speak to another person for a reference unless you give permission.

Don’t select a co-worker, after you left they might not be your friend. Select a Supervisor you

worked under, Your Teacher if you have not yet worked. Do not add your Family or Religious

Leaders. They won’t provide an objective reference.

Do not add your Current Employer as a reference, unless they are aware that you are looking for

other work. This might just put you in a bad light and change your relationship.
When you have to send a shorten version, rather change the font and layout of your CV but never take things out. You must not sell yourself short!


If you send your CV for a Specific position via email, stipulate the Reference number in the subject line, or the position you’re applying for. This will save the consultants a lot of time and can start to work on your CV.

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