Mandela day 2014

Mandela day 2014

In the words of an Icon himself Nelson Mandela

“It is in our hands to make of our world a better one for all”

The day started out very well. Our plan was to have a Mobile Soup Kitchen that would start of at Jabez House – a Homeless Shelter and then we would go to Siyanakekela a Shelter for Kids at Hlalanikahle in the Township.

As soon as we were done putting together all the hampers, (warm items and something sweet) organising the food and utensils we would be using we set off.  We were introduced to a wonderful woman who was the care taker of this place that looks after the “Roadies” (Odette Rossouw –Jabez House).  We began as there were already some people that were at the shelter. It was quite an eye opening experience, in that we get so caught up in our own lives and our problems that we forget that there are people out in the world who do not have the (financial) security that we do, people who do not have a home to call their own and people who see the things that we take for granted (such as clean running water, soap, a warm bed at night and a full stomach etc.) as luxuries that they aren’t always afforded. Seeing the look of appreciation and gratification on the faces of these people, which the world has shut out and forgotten about, was beautiful. It was also very fulfilling to know that we had made a difference in someone’s life – if even for a day. Reminding, someone that has probably lost all hope, that they have indeed not been forgotten. Odette then gave us a quick tour of the shelter and we were reminded again to count our blessings and that there is still so much hope in humanity and a lot of goodness in this world.


Given that this was a very important day for all South Africans to give back to communities. As Backhousia we spent our 67 min putting a smile on someone’s face, comforting them with our love and just giving them assurance that there are still people out there that still care. We entertained the day care shelter for needy and homeless children with singing, fun and games. We were greeted and welcomed by the selfless women in the community who have come together to try and make a difference in these children’s lives. The shelter known as Siyanankekela is located in a building that is still in the process of being built to completion –we set up in section that was big enough to accommodate all of us as well as the children and their care takers. Nothing can truly compare to the warmth you experience when you witness the excitement and jubilation of a child. We handed out soup and slices of bread to the children. When they had had their fill we started to play a few games with them and they sang songs for us as a sign of their appreciation. It was a truly amazing moment, the realisation the smiles that were embellished on all these young people’s faces were as a result of our efforts to make a positive contribution. When they had sung for us and played the games we handed them their Hampers which was also a very happy moment for everyone concerned. The teachers/care takers gave a word of thanks and left a stamp of good standing and pride in our mind and in our hearts.

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